idina menzel (i_menzel) wrote,
idina menzel

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just because i thought this might be something interesting to do..

leave me a comment - anonymously or not (hence why this post is unlocked) - and tell me honestly what you think of me. don't hold back. that takes the fun out of the game.
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You can't leave anonymous comments to a locked entry.
you learn something new every day. it's fixed.

Miss Idina Menzel, if I had pipes like yours I wouldn't have to rely on my boyish good looks and charm to be famous ;)
oh shut the hell up, you. haha. you're a package deal and you know it. ;P
You are the picture of everything that's going right with Broadway today, and I look forward to actually meeting you one of these days :)
what a way to make a girl blush, deb. geeze you're good at flattering. but i look forward to actually meeting you, too.
Shh, I'm anonymous.

You make being green look surprisingly easy.
so i've been told.
Why do you choose to frighten me like that?
well, if i had an icon of my new picture from defying gravity, i would probably use that. hinthint, nudgenudge.
Like this? Hinthint, nudgenudge.